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Virtual Car Tuning

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Been thinking really wanna start designing pictures with like taking a old image and recreateing the image so can have the original and modificated images avaliabole and was thinking what would i like to try doing stuff with and looking round on youtube i came across a lot of videos with virtual tuning of cars using photoshop and came across a video of someone doing similar stuff with paint.net but wasnt actually clear how they was doing it so was wondering is there any tutorials at all text or video of modifcations on cars in the subjects listed below:-

Rim Changes

Skirt/Bumper Changes (such as make the skirts and bumpers look bigger then they actually are)

Lowering Effects

Colour Changes (such as 1 solid colour or how to make look 2 tone)

Background Changes

Would really appreciate some help if there is anyways of doing stuff like this on paint.net rather then having to get photoshop

Also could u refer to any such tutorials in this thread or even add-ons if needed (due to the video i say the guy mod his bumpers and skirts seemed to have really precise tools for selecting so thought this possible could be a add-on)

Thanks in Advance

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Rim Changes - Cutting the old rims out and replacing them with new ones will help. I suggest to replace it with a head on view rim image, that doesn't have any noticable perspective, then use Layers > Rotate/Zoom to match the perspective of the car.

Skirt/Bumper Changes (such as make the skirts and bumpers look bigger then they actually are) - You could try cutting the bumpers out and scaling them to your liking. If you want the tuner bumper kind, you'll have to find a stock bumper image of a similar perspective to get a good look, and replace it, or you'll have to draw one yourself..

Lowering Effects - Cut the whole body of the car out and paste on a new layer. Move down to your liking.

Colour Changes (such as 1 solid colour or how to make look 2 tone) - If you've cut the whole body out, use either color filter, curves, or Hue/saturation to change the colour. For a two tone effect, make the body grayscale, and use gradient mapping.

Background Changes - Cut the whole car out, and place on a new layer. Delete old image layer, and place new background image below the cut out. Having similar lighting conditions helps immensely.

I've edited some tips in the quote above. What i've written is in bold. Additional plugins you may need are in italics. You can search for these individually or just go to the plugins section of the forum and download the packs from threads that are pinned.


If you want to customize a car this tut will be a big help in doing what you want to do. You'll have to cut each part out that you want to modify or replace.

If you're relatively new to PDN, then i suggest familiarising yourself with the program by trying out some tuts in the newbie playground, here: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/forum/20-newbie-playground/. Modifying a stock image of a car to look tuned is not easy, and will take a fair amount of effort if you plan on changing the stock car significantly, which it looks like you're planning to do.

Good luck, and don't give up. Persevere and you will succeed. ;)

Merry Christmas


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Welcome to the Paint.Net chop shop: Real Car -> Toy Car conversion. This tutorial will give you some ideas about how to expand/shrink some aspects of the vehicle.

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