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461 Ocean Boulevard

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I've been using this forum for a while and it's extremely helpful but i have come to a point where i need to ask for extra help. I'm trying to recreate the front cover of Eric Clapton's 461 Ocean Boulevard for a baby card and i can't seem to find any combination of effects that can make it look correct.

The current idea is that i replace Eric Clapton on the front cover, and my wife joins me holding the baby under the tree. getting the picture of myself and my wife into the picture is not a problem but using the correct filters to make a person from 2010 look like they're on an album cover from the 70s is a bit more tricky.

So far i have had the best results by overlaying cloud layers over the 2010 pictures, then putting the people from 2010 into the 1970s pictures, but still it's not fitting in well.

Here is an example of the original album cover:


i can upload some examples of different attempts at adding new people but this will have to wait until tonight.

Any ideas appreciated :)



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For your picture, wear flares, mirrored glasses, unbuttoned denim shirt and a big gold medalion boltbait.mrgreen.png

Seriously, have a look at these plugins:

Film Grain

Film 2.0

Is that the sort of effect you want?

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