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Removing transparent back gound

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I download graphics from a friend but then cannot figure out how to get the transparent background removed or other way the graphic from the background, then what I wanted to do was use 2/3 of these graphics on a new backgroung to create my picture. Have looked at many tutes but a lot are on removing a part of an image from say it's photo eg the Turtle one.

Hope someone may understand what I mean.Thankyou

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Hi Sarkut I am sorry if this graphic is too big but could not see a way of resizing on ImageShack.

When I receive and open in paint dot net they have a white background or the checker board effect like when you have cut out an image on a photo. So I dont know how to fill in the background, ideally I want to if I can put 2/3 of these graphics together say the Lemon an Orange and a Strawberry . Or even place them on a background picture. Apologies if I am not explaining this right.


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Open a new file in Paint.NET.

Bring in whatever image you want as background:

Layers > Import From File...

Bring in the first fruit graphic:

Layers > Import From File...

Position it with the Move Selected Pixels tool. :MoveTool:

Repeat as needed.


If the graphic comes with an undesired white background,

Magic Wand the white and press Delete on the keyboard,

then use Feather Object or AA's Assistant to smooth the edges.


If the gray-and-white checkerboard is visible it is an indication of transparency.

It is not a part of the image, and won't show in a viewer or if posted online.

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