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Shade respecting recolor?

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First off, forgive me if this is already covered somewhere and I somehow managed to skip over it.

Now for my question. I would really like to be able to simply take a picture that is composed of two colors in multiple shading variants and change either one or both of the colors so that they have identical shading and blend patterns. For example, take this picture:


and without backtracking any steps involved in producing it, create a picture that looks like this:


Can anyone tell me how this might be accomplished? I would use the recolor tool, but my problem is that it creates just one shade of the new color. I need there to be an identical shading and blend pattern.

EDIT: The effect should be replicable no matter what colors are involved.

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Using this example, position a solid green layer below the blue/black layer

In the Layers window, click on the blue/black layer to highlight it as the active layer.

Use the Color Picker tool to set the primary color to the color

that you want to eliminate. (In this case, black.)

Apply the Grim Color Reaper plugin effect, with What color? set to Primary Color.


Grim Color Reaper

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