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Invert Selection

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I am Brand new here, Today only, and for about Four Hrs, So I really do need help.

I was browsing through tutorials, when I noticed, (And I'm Sorry for this, but I've forgot the Guys name), a section on making pictures appear to be coming out of a background, through a frame, ( The tut was using an Iguana!).

Anyhoo! I thought I'll give that a go! Only managed to get as far as the Frame, when I tried to Invert Selection, The 2nd background image isn't changing! ??? What am I doing wrong?

I've Selected the Frame layer, then selected 2nd background layer, Chose Invert Selection and pressed delete?

Nothing changes!

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The tutorial you are referring to is this one:

At this step in the tutorial, in the Layers window,

after inverting the selection remove the checkmark from the bottom layer,

and click on the middle layer to highlight it as active layer before hitting Delete.

Because the bottom layer is identical to the middle layer when you delete the selection

in the middle layer, it looks as though nothing has happened.

Removing the checkmark from the bottom layer makes it temporarily not-visible.

Just so you know, if you have a question about a specific tutorial, the question

should be posted in that tutorial's thread instead of in General Discussion & Questions.

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