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A contribution-supported development tool called nDoc has died for lack of contributions. Another free tool, nUnit, has all but died. Like Paint.net, they were great tools, and I am sorry to see them die. But no, I'm not going to badger anyone for contributions--this message is really meant for the Paint.net developers.

Contribution-supported software is a losing proposition. Nobody contributes, or at least that's what I see on the forums for some great projects. So projects die. After all, if you make nothing from the product, why beat your head against a wall?

Put a price on the product! Make it nominal if you like, but give it a price! Sell Paint.net for $19.95 with a thirty-day trial. Get something for your effort! I'd pay that in a heartbeat, but like most people, if it's free I'll take it, and ignore the contribution.

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Yeah but Paint.NET is a different beast. NUnit and NDoc are developer tools with limited mass appeal. Paint.NET has millions of downloads by normal people, and I already have a career as a software developer where I get a paycheck (at Microsoft) so I'm not dependent on this project for buying food and paying rent. It's something we use internally at Microsoft for various purposes (no I cannot say for what) so I don't believe it will just wither away. Plus I just love programming. I'd do this for free -- and I have.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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And I already have a career as a software developer where I get a paycheck (at Microsoft)

Its true! I read it on Wikipedia...and it knows everything 8)

Considering that I found Paint.NET while look for an alternative to shelling out $600 for Photoshop ( I don't want to download a hacked version), I'd have to say that we are extremely greatful for your passion. I needed to upgraded one of my computers either way for editing big pictures and it was either Aperature for Mac (cheap program, expensive upgrade) or Photoshop for PC (expensive program, cheap upgrades)....Paint.NET let me get great features and it helped saved a lot of money (cheap program, cheap upgrades).

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No way should it go for money, as said above its a wonderful FREE program. I'm forever greatful for Ricks dedication toward it, otherwise I'd just be using MS Paint... lol.

I'd donate a little here and there... but I don't have spare money at the moment :P

Which leads me to a question...

What excactly do the donations go into? Programming tools? Hmmm...

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