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Dream eMachine / Current System Specs


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Oh, I hadn't seen that you edited your post. Silly me.

And thank you, it's extremely hard to be surrounded by food everywhere and not touch anything (or drink anything, for that matter).

For anyone who's concerned (or bored :D ), I only lasted 23/25 hours because I had/have a fever. Whatever because I'm not 13 yet.

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No, I meant 'by food everywhere'. Good catch. I always try to proofread my posts but sometimes it slips past me.

EDIT: iPad? WHY!?!?

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Do you mean a front-facing (FaceTime, webcam) camera or a rear-facing? I can easily visualize front-facing, yes. But definitely NOT rear-facing. Yes, I have seen and held the iPad.

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The iPhone is a thumbs device, meaning you can do anything with it using only your thumbs. iPad - not so much. I can't say it would be comfortable to hold the iPad to take pictures (rear-facing) but definitely possible.

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You can have mine.

I'll take it!

I actually need to buy one of these things within the next few days. :(

I love them too.

As for my dream machine at the moment...

What I want is a Window 7 tablet. ONLY, with a Windows 7 OS that has been designed for a touch interface. It must be controlable from either a finger or pointer of some kind. Plus, I want to be able to hook up a kbd/mouse to it along with flash drives, etc. AND the battery must last for 8+ hours under load.

Click to play:
Download: BoltBait's Plugin Pack | CodeLab | and how about a Computer Dominos Game

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@BoltBait - Look at the HP TouchSmart tm2 + tm2t series (?).

@Namiyoshi - I have the 3rd Gen iTouch on iOS 4 - jailbroken, really want the camera. Why the hell only .7MP though? :(

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  • 3 weeks later...

How does this seem?


Before you go suggesting any other option...

Here are my criteria:

- 15.6" Screen

- More than 1366x768 Screen Resolution

- Under 6 lbs

- Non-Intel GPU

- 512MB or more GFX card

- Under $1,700.00 final cost

- Not a Dell

- Windows 7 64bit

- 500GB Hard Drive

- More than 1.5MP Webcam

- Integrated Mic

- 4GB+ RAM

- i5 or more (2GHz+)

- 6 cell battery

- 5hrs+ of battery life

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Same here, I have my eyes on that HTC.

...which HTC? There were 5 announced at launch.

I just bought into Android about two months ago, so unfortunately I will have to skip the advent of this pretty awesome OS. Although I kind of prefer Android's sheer customizability to WP7's smoothness.

I wish I could actually find good games, though.

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