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Comic or pop-art look

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Hey, I'm new here (Polish user =] ). I'm using Paint.net for about a week, done some tutorials. Great program, great plugins - thank You. The problem

that I have now is about creating a pop-art or comic-like look image. I searched forum but i didn't find tutorial with satysfying result. I wanted to

create something like this: Pop art tutorial for photoshop is there a way to archieve that using Paint.net ?

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Guest PsychoHarmonic

First off download this plugin.


Open your image

Use the magic wand tool to select the image( make sure there is not or very little transparency ).

CTRL+I then hit delete

Create a new layer

On the first layer use magic wand to select you image again

Switch to the new layer and run Render>grid maker with these settings:

Horizontal and vertical grid step: 4

Mode: dots in grid (variation)

Convert to black and white or leave as is.

I know its not the exact same effect but it was as close as I could get with the plug-ins I have ( which is most of them =P )

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