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Feature Req: Add a File Counter

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Hi again,

In addition to my other related request of a 'Save All' feature here. I would also like to request a 'tab counter' sort of feature like Firefox's addon but for PDN for when during I'm working with lots of image files in PDN esp. over 60 image files concurrently.


I would much suggest that if added it should display on the image tab bar and not within that image-drop down menu since I would prefer to actively 'see' how many images I have left in a multi session rather than clicking a drop down menu (cpu memory usage) especially in between saving each image.


I would greatly appreciate this feature if added in PDN :) Thanks in advance.

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This feature would be of great use to me especially when PDN's image file tab bar reaches more than 6 images and I quickly need to see how many images I opened (in case I forgot).

What is anyone's thoughts on this feature idea. Is there anyone else that would have any use for a 'counter'. Agree or disagree...

I read the forum rule #25 on post bumping and it had been more than 24hrs and I'm only bumping once.

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Well no I wouldn't want it on the dropdown.... Although I did already thought about it perhaps being placed on the thumbnail drop-down.

Reason I would like it on the tab bar is for when I am saving and closing each file, I need to instantly see the remaining number of images opened without further clicking on something (efficiency).

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