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Pixel Competition #5 -The Results are In!


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The results are in!

I knew that creating such an open theme would elicit very good responses this month, and I intend to do it for comp #10. Until then, however, we have other comps to get through, so let's end this one as quickly as possible. I can reveal that the votes are as follows:

In joint last place, I am sorry to announce that Gazek, supersoni183 and PsychoHarmonic received no votes, although I'm sure that there were people that forgot to vote, and would have voted for you. :)

Next, with one vote, is a perfectly respectable Leonte!

So, in second place, with three votes, very close behind the winner, it's St1cki3!

That, of course, leaves the wonderful Mayor_McSteeze as the winner, with 4 votes! Well done! You have until the 13th to choose a new theme, by which date I will choose one have you not done so.

Thank you all for your votes and entries, everyone, and I hope to see you soon for Competition #6!

Voting Guidelines

Voting in this comp is simple: if you want your vote to be public, post it in this thread. If you want it to be private, PM me. It's that simple! Voting ends on the 8th. Also, you can vote if you've entered the competition, just not for yourself.

Deadline: 30th of September, 2010 The entry period is now over. See above for info on voting.

Welcome back to the Pixel Competition, as hosted by me and as sponsored by all those cute little pixels on the site. The theme this time is... OK, well actually, this is where I take a break from the formulaic first post in the topic, because the theme is a little different this time round; you can enter ANYTHING you want! Simple, no? Yes.


- Entries made before the contest are not allowed.

- Only one entry per person.

- Layers are allowed.

- Partial and full transparency is allowed (I used to frown on this, however I have since been persuaded)

- Any inspiration and stock (not that you're likely to be using stock images) must be linked to or otherwise given credit.

- MS Paint may NOT be used, I'm afraid. I know you could in competition #1, but you can't this time.

- No cheating! Naturally.

With that, I don't believe there is any further need for discussion, however if there is anything you wish to say, please move it to the discussion thread. It can be found here.

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Count me in.


Bandos GodSword. From the MMORPG RuneScape by Jagex ltd.

Images to check against are here:


BTW: first ever pixel art.

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