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Now the image I'm about to give you is big so I'm just going to post the link : CLICK HERE FOR PICTURE

The thing I want to know is how to make the SteelFlash word. I just want to know how to make the outline(it has some gradient if you didn't notice) , the blurry reflection(a glass reflection is also fine, I have madjik's plugin) , and the shiny underline under it. It would also be nice if you can find this font, but I can do that myself.

Here is the kind of "shiny underline" and I also want to learn how to master outlines. Everytime I try it from scratch I get too much alias corners. I want it antialias like the picture below.


I really want to master this kind of graphic designing.

I already know how to outline, blur ( not reflect), use background images inside text.

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