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Help the slow girl out, custom brushes won't open


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I know less than nothing about computer programs, files and what not.

I had the idiot proof photoshop years ago, I think the the '95 or version. Once the computer it was on died that was the end of that. And when I bought the new version, (2000) I had no idea how to use, the simplest task would take forever and crash the system.

So I've gone without for years. Now I have paint.net, it's also a little confusing for me, but doesn't seem to throw fits like photoshop.

I would like to try custom paint brushes, so I read through these forums, found the mini brushes and the suggestion to save it to desktop so I did that and now there it sits, reusing to open.

Then I come across something that says don't open it, install it. But no, install is not one of the options I'm given. I can change the program I open it with, but I can't install it.

When I do try to open it, I get it can't be opened because it valid Win32 application.

I'm running Vista with an up to date paint.net and I'm a simpleton, so small words please.

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Plugin Instructions

Click on the link above, then:

Click on Show beside Hidden Content

Look for the Simon Brown plugins instructions.

To access your Effects folder, right-click the Paint.NET shortcut icon,

then click on Open file location.

Once the files are in the Effects folder, re-open Paint.NET.

Look in the top menu:

Effects > Tools > CustomBrushesMini

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