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I Need A Little Help

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Guest PsychoHarmonic

type (image_name).cfl or others where it says "File Name:" in the save as window see if that works.

Are you uploading images to a game?

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No, that won't work. All it will do, if I recall correctly, is it will save it as a .PNG, for example, but be named something like .XRF, which will, I think, cause it to become corrupted or something else nasty like that. Your best bet, as Paint?NET does not natively support these filetypes, is to look in the Plugin Index for some Filetype Plugins that do what you want. If you wait a moment, I'll get you the link...

EDIT: There you go. If you want, I'll check if they've got what you're looking for.

EDIT: No, we don't, I'm afraid. Sorry I couldn't be of more use.

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