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Avatar of the Week 4: "Aircrafts" WINNER DECLARED



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    • [img]http://img188.imageshack.us/img188/36/avotw.png[/img] : [url="http://img691.imageshack.us/img691/1254/stockr.jpg"]Stock 1[/url] MAYOR MCSTEEZE
    • [img]http://img10.imageshack.us/img10/3409/phewavroarrowmini.png[/img] : No stocks - DRGRIT

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Welcome to Avatar of the Week 4: Aircrafts, as chosen by n d and pdnnoob. First of all I would like to thank pdnnoob for understanding the situation and allowing n d to collaborate with him on this week's theme choice. Thank you!


If you noticed lack of flashy graphics, it's because I have no time to do these things anymore, what with school starting. Please PM me the entries. The title of your PM should be 'AVOTW Entry'. If you accidentally post in this topic, please edit out your entry as soon as you remember and PM it to me. If I catch your post before you do, I'll add your entry to the list and notify you about it. The deadline for this week's competition is: deadlineq.png

Voting will end September 20. I will accept any late entries until the voting ends but keep in mind this means less people will see your entry. NEW RULE ADDED BELOW!

Be sure to check the rules below, because if your entry breaks one of these rules, you have up until two days before the deadline to fix it. If it isn't fixed by that time, it is disqualified...

  • Entries cannot be more than 150 pixels wide and 200 pixels high. The avatar changing page on the PdN forums will deny any avatars larger than 120x160.
  • No crude / offensive pics, crude language, etc.
  • The avatar must follow this week's theme.
  • Only one entry per person. Minor modifications are allowed after submitting your entry.
  • You must post the URLs to any and all stocks used.
  • If you create a part of the image in another program, no link is necessary, but you must mention it.
  • No using images you already made - although incorporating them is OK.
  • The winner of the competition can choose next week's theme or decide that the host (again, that's me!) chooses it.
  • No placeholders (empty-posting with your image now and editing in your image later)!
  • 9.16.10 Please anonymously upload your image to any web-site (Imageshack, Mediafire, Photobucket, Tinypic, Twitpic, to name a few). Make sure your username or identifiable account name is not in the url.
    Some examples of OK urls: http:// img666 .imageshack . us / 66 /66 /entry . png or http:// mediafire . com / 3hjsadfksfh3sfi33 . png (made that one up)
    Some examples of No-no urls: http:// i0234. photobucket . com / csm725 / entries / entry . png or http:// mediafire . com / pyrochild /entries / i_love_mediafire.png

Whether or not any entry breaks one of the above rules is up to the host (me!)'s discretion.

If you want to discuss this week's competition, go


I would be happy to help anyone who has any questions about this week's theme. Just PM me (csm725).

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