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How do i take an individual object out of an image (and apply it to another backround)

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And how would I select the outline of an object out of an image, if it's n o t just a straight outline, like the laptop in the example?

I am actually having the problem of needing to take an object ( a horse and rider) out of an image to apply it to another background,

like in this question, but naturally the outline of the horse and the rider isn't straight at all.

How does one do that?

Many thanks for your ideas.

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Or if the background is a fairly uniform color, try the Alphaspace, or Grim Color Reaper plugin.

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Thank you Sarkut and Ego Eram Reputo for both your ideas.

Will have a look at the plugins. The line/curve tool I found not suitable for a very uneven outline.

Then the lasso select would almost be easier to use, and that is already almost impossible with an uneven outline.

It's a real pity that without any plugins, one cannot just use the magic wand to delete the entire background

and then by clicking copy, have the remaining figure/picture, to paste onto a new photo.

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We look at an image and can clearly see what we consider object and background.

To the image editing software it is all pixels.

It has no way of knowing what we consider background or not-background.


If you can post a link to the actual image that you are working on,

we may (or might not) be able to offer some better suggestions.

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Thanks, but I just worked through the suggested solutions once again.

There I realized that the instructions from himself22 below actually include what I was referring to as well,

i.e. after the magic wand usage, pressing Ctrl I and then delete and then it's possible to copy paste the object into a new template.

Many thanks for your help once again.

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Unfortunately this doesn't work though for any object that has more than one area around it.

e.g. a horse standing on the ground has background around (mainly above) but also underneath in a second, separate background section.

Hence the Ctrl I delete doesn't work then boltbait.sad.png ,

any suggestion how to apply that solution to this, himself 22 ??

Many thanks for your ideas.

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