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A couple of questions from a new starter.

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Couldn't be more of a new starter....at ABC level !

Grade one...

Howsoever....the question I'd like to ask, having only brief experience of Photoshop Elements 2, is the magic wand - on photoshop el, I'd right click and "fill" or off the main menu. How do you fill in Paint ? I'd had to go to the tipping tin can for fill. Surely that can't be right ?

Also, I found all my tedious work just disappear and dont have a clue why !

Plus, while I love the colouring as a transparent see through idea, how did that happen as default ? How can I make it solid, and howto re-select when needed ?

Sorry if I've put this in the wrong place. :oops: Couldn't find a newbie section.

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Yes, the tilted can is for filling. It really isn't that much work once you get use to it. ;)

As for transparency, in your colors window click "More>>" and change your "transparency - alpha" to max (255).

Not sure why it disappeared. You saved it right? I'm assuming you did... hmm.

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Ta. ;)

Thats the thing you see - on Photoshop Elements 2, I didnt need to engage the fill icon, it was on a right click.

I asked just in case it was staring me in the face and I kept missing it. I thought the tin can fill too obvious and for use in a different manner !

Very impressed by this prog, though !

But it'll take someone like yours truly a good while to become aquainted with it I'm sure !

Incidentally - the transparency WAS at 255 !

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