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Anti-alias of B&W drawing

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Hi, complete newb here. I've been using paint.net for some basic photo editing for awhile but I'm stuck on this one spot. I'm trying to anti-alias a diagram (a small cross section of the file is attached) that as you can see is heavily aliased but none of the plugins I've tried (antialias, feather, etc) have any effect at all. I'm cleaning up some original source files so I do not have a higher resolution image to work with, nor do I have the skill to redraw it from scratch at a higher res. Suggestions appreciated, thank you.


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You could select all the white with magic wand  :MagicWandTool: , press delete and then run antialias assistant or feather once your done create a new layer :AddNewLayer: and move down  :MoveLayerDown: and fill with white using paint bucket  :PaintBucket: and then flatten the image  :Flatten: Ctrl+Shift+F or (menu item)Image -> Flatten Image

TIP: Hold shift while selecting the white, then you select all white, even if some of the white is "sealed"


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