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How to dump a bucket of "transparent" on my image?

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Hi, I am trying to save a PNG image with a transparent area. If you select an area and hit "delete" it becomes transparent.

Well I did this and saved it as a jpeg by mistake, so now instead of transparent, the areas are white.

I see that you can select paint colors that are sort of see through in the paint window if you look hard enough. I'd like to, if I am able, select a "color" of transparent and dump a bucket of that in the image areas I need, this will make the image transparent in the right spots.

Is this possible/ how do I do it? So far my attempts have met with no paint being dumped on the image.

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In the Colors window click the button labeled More >>.

Set your Primary color to zero Transparency - Alpha.

Click on the Paintbucket icon.

In the toolbar in the top header (to the right),

click the flask to make it turn empty.

This is Overwrite blend mode.

You can now dump some transparency.

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select with magic wand and hit delete for an easy way to achieve the effect you are looking for. Sarkut is correct on how you color with transparency. That way, you can adjust how transparent the color will be.

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