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 I was fiddling with codelab today at school trying to create a highpass filter like the one in photoshop, i ended up having the same effect like the one in photoshop with a radius of 1 and mine with a radius of 3, mine turned out to be more smooth and i noticed that it only needed to be sharpened a bit to end up like photoshop's, my problem is i dont know how to sharpen it, i already called a gaussian  blur so i can't run another effect like that as i understand, codelab source is below

#region UICode
 int Amount1 = 10; // [0,100] Radius

// Setup for using Invert pixel op
private UnaryPixelOps.Invert invertOp = new UnaryPixelOps.Invert();

// Setup for using Normal blend op
private UserBlendOps.NormalBlendOp normalOp = new UserBlendOps.NormalBlendOp();

void Render(Surface dst, Surface src, Rectangle rect)
    // Setup for calling the Gaussian Blur effect
    GaussianBlurEffect blurEffect = new GaussianBlurEffect();
    PropertyCollection blurProps = blurEffect.CreatePropertyCollection();
    PropertyBasedEffectConfigToken BlurParameters = new PropertyBasedEffectConfigToken(blurProps);
    BlurParameters.SetPropertyValue(GaussianBlurEffect.PropertyNames.Radius, Amount1);
    blurEffect.SetRenderInfo(BlurParameters, new RenderArgs(dst), new RenderArgs(src));
    // Call the Gaussian Blur function
    blurEffect.Render(new Rectangle[1] {rect},0,1);

    // Now in the main render loop, the dst canvas has a blurred version of the src canvas
    for (int y = rect.Top; y < rect.Bottom; y++)
        for (int x = rect.Left; x < rect.Right; x++)
            ColorBgra CurrentPixel = src[x,y];

            CurrentPixel = invertOp.Apply(CurrentPixel);
            ColorBgra cp = dst[x,y];
            cp.A = Int32Util.ClampToByte(cp.A / 2);
            CurrentPixel = normalOp.Apply(CurrentPixel, cp);
            CurrentPixel = invertOp.Apply(CurrentPixel);
            dst[x,y] = CurrentPixel;

Tried some different sharpening code i found with google, they didn't work.

Would be nice if i could adjust the sharpness too

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