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Rotate an Image Horizontally in Increments?

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I have searched this site from top to bottom and have yet to find the answer I'm looking for.

I'm trying to rotate an image horizontally in increments 360 degrees so that I can make an animated gif. Remember the Nintendo logo that used to spin? Sort of the same thing but with my business logo.

Using; Layers > Rotate/Zoom > Twist Radius, I can only rotate the image 90 degrees. I can then take the original image and use; Layers > Flip Horizontal and repeat the previous steps with twist radius. However, when I do it this way I miss 90 degrees between each "Flip Horizontal" I use as Twist Radius only works up to 90 degrees.

I am wondering if someone may know how I can rotate the image 360 degrees in increments? Is there a plugin that could do this for me? Or am I missing something that is right in front of my eyes. I tried the Shape3D tool but I don't want my image to be a sphere.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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