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Good morning,,

I return to the good well again ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I will try to attach a file ? OK,, I can not upload the paint.net file.. I will send it via email to you SARKUT.

But in any case, I would like to know if I can convert a color image into a black and white image? (#1) (#2) I want to copy it in black and white, and go to another program and paste it into it. ??




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The BLACK/WHITE worked perfect.....

The copy/paste,,,,,,,,,NO love ????

I open the logo in the old Paint that comes with the computer, use the top left tool (the rectangel) and wrap around the logo, right click copy, go to other program click paste,,, BINGO... (?)

I tried the same in Paint.net, I tried the Crtl A and Ctrl C, nothing?

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I think that it's mostly a communication error here.

If I'm mistaken correct me.

You would like to add a black-and-white version of the logo

as a background/watermark to another image file.

Open both files in Paint.NET.

In the top-right you will have two thumbnail tabs for the files.

With the now black-and-white file chosen, do this:

Ctrl A

Ctrl C


Now, in the top-right, click on the thumbnail for the image

that you want to add the black-and-white logo to.

Now, press:

Ctrl + Shift V

Next, press F4, and set the Blend mode to Multiply.

Adjust the Opacity slider. OK

Edited by Sarkut
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csm 725

Your instruction worked fine within paint.net..

But I followed your instructions and "copied" the logo,, went to Word and opened a new sheet and tried to past the logo there... did not work. (?)

But after reading your post again, and you having explained what each process was doing......... and adding the Ctrl V (which is the paste shortcut in another program I run)

I see that I was following Sarkut's instruction..

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