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bending a picture

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First off I tried the mirror over line plug-in but unfortunately it crashes Paint.

What I have is a picture of a Lava stream.


(Yes it is only 32X32)

What I would like to do is make it go around a corner:

My solution so far:

copy image

paste into new layer

rotate layer 90

lasso select diagonally half the top layer


Merge layers

Use clone tool to round of corners


(still only 32X32)

Problem is I need to repeat this 9 times with 9 different images with pretty much exacting results.

(this is an animation sequence)

Is there a script or macros tool (recorder) to accomplish this?

and if so, will it also work with the Quad Reshape? I need to convert these tiles to something like this:

l310.png (yes yet another 32X32 with at least 50% alpha)

Since Quad Reshap doesn't have values for the "handles" I must do it by sight and finesse (I got good sight but the finesse is lacking).

If I do it all in the same session it remembers the reshape but once I close..... must start the reshape process all over. I do try and use a layer to trace to, but it still a lot of trial and error.

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