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NEWBIE TROUBLE Blend/Smudge Tool....?

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Hi guys, just recently bought a new camera and got paint.net to start off, thought I might get something better after a while but with the support and community you guys have here I dont think I'll ever need a different bit of softwear. One thing I have been looking for is a blend/smudge tool. I'm sorry I dont know the correct term for it but basicly I have a few photos taking of close up faces and want to remove moles, spots, birth marks etc. So I think its called a blend tool, is there one available as a plugin. Thanks guys, great program and community

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Hey ganly, welcome to the forum. Please make sure you check out our forum rules. The Tutorials board and all its sub-forums are for tutorial publishing only. Requests like this should always go in General Discussion & Questions.

I've moved your topic there accordingly.

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Here's a tutorial that shows a way to remove blemishes

while retaining natural skin texture in the edited parts:

(See an example in the Hidden Content at the very end.)

The Subterranean Copy/Paste Blues

Here's one that shows how to get an airbrushed look in the edit:

How to Airbrush like a Professional

hey that kinda makes no sense will it just take away blemishes or will it create a soft skin texture too?

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