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Paint.net using alpha mask plugin for second life

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I have an online business in a game called Second Life where I make clothes. I'm not able to get ahold of the photoshops that allow me to work with the alpha channels so I use paint.net.

I working on this skirt, see image below.


If you look at the skirt, around the red, you will see a black line. You get something similar to this using photoshop 7.0 without the alpha update which is called "white halo". I don't want that black line. So I dled the plugin and went through the forum for the past 2 hours and I couldn't find a thing regarding what I'm dealing with. All the tuts that I found links to in the creators post are 404 error so I can't read those. The one tut I was able to read didn't work because it still gave me the black halo.

Here are images of my paint.net.


I copied the first layer to and then used the alpha mask on the mask layer.


What am I doing wrong? Can someone help me please?

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Nope, most of all the links I found are people talking about how easy it is to use, lots of plugins, and it's free. Other than that, no tutorials or any help. Most everyone on SL uses photoshop CS3 which I can't afford.

There are however tutorials and help links on how to get rid of the white halo created when using photoshop without the alpha channels. Would t hat be considered the same thing?

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The author of this tutorial is really good. She's been around SL for a really long time.


This is her website -


Again, I'd use Photoshop C2 or better, I heard there is a CS5 out now for 700.00 but I do not have the money for that. I'm stuck with photoshop 7.0 and even with that, the alpha channels do not work because of a bug or something in the 7.0 verison. I've tried to install the update that they give out but it doesn't work on my copy. So I'm stuck with a white halo when I use photoshop and a black halo when I use paint.net.

I hope this helps.

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