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How to copy/paste a photo onto a blank template

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Hello there,

I hope someone can help me without getting annoyed about my possible 'ridiculous' questions.

For months now I have been unsuccessfully trying to find a solution for this myself,

nor have I found anything under the FAQ nor in this forum.

This is the situation:

I am using the latest version of Paint net and

i) I 'just' like to copy a photo, that I opened in paint net,

to then paste it onto a blank template, that I created before in a certain size.

Now I tried the tool 'rectangle select', however even though it seems to be pasting the photo onto the template,

however even after saving the template with the photo on it, the photo can still be moved from the template.

So I assume that the rectangle select isn't likely to be the right tool for copy/pasting.

I guess it's probably something very simple, but I still need to find out how to do this correctly and effectively.

Who can help, telling me how to copy/paste a photo onto my template?

ii) I have another problem with resizing photos all equally.

Now this might sound quite simple, by just going for Image, resize etc.

However what I experienced is that the 'cm ruler display' on top and on the left of the paint net screen varies with different opened up photos.

This has the result that different photos get resized differently.

Despite me having resized each photo to an equal 5.5 cm x 9 cm by resizing

by absolute size,

the print size,

without maintaining the aspect ratio,

as I need to have the actual exact size for all my photos, end up with not equal sizes.

But as an example the latest resized photo ended up with the size of: 8.5 cm x 15 cm instead now.

How do I resize all photos equally?

Many thanks for your help on the above.

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