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What is the best way to blend layerd pictures to match

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ok heres the white box thing im speaking of what would i need to do to make it look like one complete picture please

I'm not entirely familiar with PDN, but in my old version of Photoshop I would do something like individually select the 3 individual rectangles, apply a "feather" to the selection (which I'm a little confused about how to do in PDN because the feather feature is a plug in), than adjust the brightness/contrast of the selection.

The feather'ed selection would prevent the brightness/contrast change from being abrupt at the edge. It would help it blend. (Adjusting all three boxes, bringing them all to a level of brightness/contrast that's halfway between each other would also help the blending illusion, instead of just adjusting the middle, lighter box).

(This is one thing I commonly do in my old PS 6 that I haven't translated to how to do in PDN. I'm curious to find out if experienced PDN folks would agree with this approach, and how to feather a selection.).

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