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Halo, glow or blur this image?

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There are three images attached.

1. Two people standing back to back with business information.

2. A background image for 1.

3. An image of a person holding their neck & back with a black back ground

I would like to make another banner just like 1 but with the image found in 3.

This new banner should have the same back ground as 1 and the same halo/glow effect as in 1 but around the single person in 3.

Thank you for the help.




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Sarkut that is very nice and I appreciate the effort. Thank you.

I figured out a rougher approach yesterday that did not work as well.

Also, I'm not sure these images are done with silhouette blurs.

It maybe just some circular or ellipse white object that gets blurred and sits in a layer between the image and background.

I've attached some more in a set I have and lastly the one I did which I will redo by your method.

What do you think they are doing?

Thanks again.

<one image removed by EER>





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@mszlazak: I've removed one of your images. It showed just a little too much skin for this family friendly forum (see Rule #12).

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Your technique works very well. I've attached the image.

However, the color is way off in Firefox 3.6.8 but renders perfect in IE8.

Why would that be?

Here is how it looks when I open my web page in Firefox. In IE8 the image blends perfectly with the background.

How can I fix this?

Thank you.


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