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Tools and dialogues size

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I have been using Paint.net a while, but lately I'm encountering a problem. Whenever I open a new session of Paint.net, a box "Tools" would come up, but in enormous size, covering everything up. Sometimes I can minimize its size back to its normal size by double-clicking the top of the window, but it doesn't always work. Thankfully, I have a dual-screen set up, so I can just about bare the situation by moving the "Tools" box to the second monitor, but this can only be a temporary solution.

Not only the "Tools" box, but just about any dialogue box (Save file, Effect-Distort-Pixelate, File-New etc etc) comes in a large size. Is this a known issue/functionality of Paint.net? I am hoping that there's some solution to this problem.

The following are the things I've tried, but the problem persisted.

1. Show/Hide the "Tools" box by accessing via GUI or pressing F4 button.

2. Reinstall Paint.net.

Additional notes:-

Windows 7 Home 64bit

Paint.net version: 3.5.5

It'd be great if I could use Paint.net as I used to. Thanks in advance.



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