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I am glad I found Paint.net - I have been meaning to hunt down a replacement for MS PAINT for awhile now. Anyway, I couldn't find a direct answer to my question, so I'll ask here, and perhaps someone can point me.

Note: I am versed on layers and transparency

One of the ways I use Paint involves extensive, small cuts and pastes of icons and text items in a picture. To do this efficiently, it helps if the screen appears "clean" after each CUT or ERASE - otherwise, as the screen becomes loaded with chunks of checkerboard, it gets difficult to tell what you're doing.

I am aware you can create another layer of white underneath to give this appearance, then flatten the final product, but doing this over and over duplicates a bunch of steps that really shouldn't be necessary. It seems to me that it'd be simple and prudent to simply make an option that can toggle the behavior of CUT and ERASE from Transparent Mode to Fill White Mode, to simulate MS PAINT in this regard. It would make it easier to skip a lot of repeated steps in certain cases.

Thus, my question: Is there an option, or some sort of installable plugin that does this? Or is the fastest available option still to create an additional white layer underneath and flatten at the end? Thanks...

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