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Here's a tutorial:


Once you have cut out the object, ...

I noticed that tutorial recommends using brush/line tools to create a border for the Magic Wand tool to latch onto. That must be tedious. Do most people do it that way? Or, do they use the Lasso (select) and Magic Wand technique described here and here? (search for the word "lasso" on those pages.).

In my old Photoshop v6 I use a Magnetic Lasso. Is there a plugin to do that with PDN?

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There's no Magnetic Lasso plugin.

There are pros and cons among all three methods linked to so far in this thread.

Depending on the specifics of the image, one, or a combination of methods might be best.

The tutorial that I linked to shows the method most likely to give success for beginners.


Alpha Masking is a popular tool for this kind of thing also.

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