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Simple Glossy Water Effect


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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it

Here's a simple water effect that I created a while back but have yet to post

boltbait.hmm.png .

Step 1. Make a new Canvas. I choose 450 X 150. But it's really up to you.

Step 2. Render Clouds at the default settings.


Step 3. Next, Render Clouds with the belnd mode set to difference 5-7 times. (Do Not Duplicate the Layer!) (Press Ctrl+F)

Step 4. Invert the colors. (Ctrl+Shift+I)


Step 5. Color with curves. (Feel free to mess around with this setting.)


Step 6. Next run displacement close to the following settings. (Experiment, please.).

Edit by EER: Displacement is a plugin - get it from this pack: MadJik's Plugin Pack


(Feel free to mess with this to give you a better effect.)

Step 7. (Optional) Duplicate your final result and run a zoom blur around 50 px, set the blend mode of the new blurred layer to lighten for a "Light Shining" through look.

Estimated Time To Complete 5-10 Minutes.

Final result!


Hope you liked this tutorial.

Feel free to post questions and results.

Have fun!

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I thought of this exact same technique a few months ago while playing around with displacement. You beat me to making a tut.



Anyway, here's my outcome (This is old; April-Mayish 2010):


Makes me thirsty.

Space...The Final Frontier. -James Tiberius Kirk; circa 2260s


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I'm making fantasy maps, and I have oceans that I'd like to give a sheen to, just over the surface - you know, a bit of wet reflection?

Forum says I don't have permission to attach a .pdn to my post (wtf?), and the upload image dialog is being a pain, so at the moment I can't even give you an example of what I'm getting at. I don't want an object that has a reflection, I want the water itself... I think I have something I might be able to try but I'm not sure just yet. Any suggestions appreciated!



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Forum says I don't have permission to attach a .pdn to my post ...,

.pdn is Paint.NET's own internal format. It is not recognized by the forum host or by image hosting services. Save your image as a *.png or *.jpg and you should be fine to upload.

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Yeah, I read that elsewhere right before I left for dinner, then when I came back I saw Sarkut had messaged me and you were kind enough to reply as well. Oy.

ANYway... lessee here. Hopefully this will give you an idea of what I'm looking for. I had to shrink it pretty far to get it to upload, though.


I *think* I know something I can try but I haven't had a chance yet to test it today. If it works I promise I'll tell you how I did it!



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That plugin is a little difficult to find. Here's a link to the pack that contains it: MadJik's Plugin Pack

<link added to first post in this thread>

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