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How to create inset text in Paint.NET


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Hello, and today I will be showing you how to make inset text like you see in this piece:


This tutorial was not meant to compete with this awesome tutorial by welshblue.

Two plugins are required, of course one is the fabled Align Object plugin and the second is Transparency, available from the BoltBait link below.

One plugin is optional, and that plugin is Outline Selection from the plugin god BoltBait's pack: [link]

Open a new canvas at whatever size (in the tutorial I used 500x150)

Choose two colors as your primary and secondary (make sure the primary is lighter than the secondary) and go to the gradient tool :GradientTool: . Make your mode Radial Gradient :RadialGradient: and drag from the top left corner of the canvas to the bottom right:


Now make a new layer and write the text (any medium-thick font or thin font on bold). Any color is fine:


Duplicate the text layer twice. On the two bottom text layers, run Curves at the following settings:


Invert the colors of the top Curved layer; name the bottom Curved (:D) layer 'white' and the top one 'black'.


Move the 'black' layer one pixel up (click the up arrow key) and the 'white' layer one pixel down (click the down arrow key).

You should have something that looks somewhat like this now:


Merge the 'black' and 'white' layers then run Adjustments > Transparency at -35.


Optional - Nice border:

Make a new layer and call it 'border'. Click Ctrl-A to select all and run Effects > Selection > Outline Selection at whatever settings you like, I tend to have it at Width 2 and the Color either 0,0,0 (Black) or the color of my text.

After you have rendered the border, go to the Gradient tool - which should still be under Radial Gradient mode. Change the mode to transparency pdn35icons.AlphaChannelOnlyIcon.png: . Draw a gradient in similar fashion to Step 1b:


I forgot to do it here, but merge all of the text layers and run Align Object at Middle Center. Then flatten, save, and enjoy!



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Sorry for any similarities between the two tuts, I actually think the results are actually quite different, I forgot that you had even made this tut and I will definitely link to it in the beginning. I can take the tut down if you like.

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I was Joking csm' ... the same techniques apply to many different things. (we need a tongue in cheek smilie ...)

Where would we be if we didn't use them. (If I remember correctly, David Atwell uses the same technique in his engraved medal tut' ?)

@ YM ... I like the contol 3 different layers give me. Drop Shadow works the same, I guess.

Again, horses for courses and many different ways of doing things

Sorry... :P I was taking things a little too seriously... I tend to do that sometimes ;)

And Yellowman, as welshy said, more control. I can change colors, etc.

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