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How would I go about making a realistic road crack effect?

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Hello, I have been attempting a pack of road textures for my level-design work when I ran into the problem of the roads being too clean/perfect. I cannot think of an easy method to damage/age the roads a bit, or find plugins for rendering cracks and various other road patterns anywhere. Any tips or plugins for such and effect? Thank you in advance.

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One easy method is the tried-and-true technique of rendering clouds in a layer above your texture. Then by lowering this layers opacity (press F4) you can give your texture a mottled effect.

This technique and more of a similar ilk can be found here: Stone 101

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Trail can be useful

Make your crack shape on a new layer, duplicate your road layer ... select the crack shape ... go to your duplicated road layer and press delete on your keyboard.

Run Trail (angle to suit) duplicate your new trailed image, set to multiply.

(Image Removed)

But then again, Sarkuts method is quicker and gives a nice effect :D

Lol looks like a road made in a crater

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