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Updates for Paint.NET

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Hello...my name's Ross, username uvah. I just joined up yesterday after discovering a few days ago that PDN has it's own website. I know...I must have been hiding under a rock but what can I say. I found it and here I am. I just wanted to introduce myself and while I'm not exactly a newbie, I've used PDN to create calendars for a website I belong to called Wincustomize. Anyway...(And this is not a plug as I'm sure a lot of people know them already), there are many, many, many new things I've discovered visiting Paint.NET, not the least of which is the amazing versatility of this app.

Paint.NET has been called MSPaint on steroids and that is exactly what it was when I first found on cnet.com five years ago. Now PDN, with all the plugins installed, makes Superman look like a wuss. Now to the purpose of this post. I was notified of updates for a few of the plugins. I downloaded the package, unzipped it and got an installer.dll instead of an executable. On the web page for the download it says run the .exe. Was there a mistake? I mean..it's not like they're crucial or anything. with all these new found plugins (I turned it into a monster because I think I installed every plugin there is...lol). I put up an image to show you what I got. the zip and the unzipped.


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Any help will be greatly appreciated....thanks.

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