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Ideas for my sig

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Give some to get some. General rule that will yield you results.

If you ask for an opinion, be kind enough to lend one.

If you ask a blatant question without much of anything else...*anybody else hear crickets?*.....

Look through the forums, take a look at the pictorium for ideas, or try the tutorials section to get you going and see where you end up. Do not create a thread like this again, as Im fairly certain I've seen dozens of these that simply dont get anywhere. Check out the forum rules before posting as well to avoid any embarrassment: The Rules. If you glance through there I'm sure you'll see this thread is already in violation of quite a few.


Welcome to the forums.

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No need to remove it. K_I_N_G's reply was full of good info. I'll lock it instead because the topic is done.


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