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circle within circle within circle ...

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How is it possible to create perfect circles within each other with the perfect spacing between each other, some circles will be thinner than others? You always see these gorgeous images with floating islands and circles within circles within circles perfectly done.

Any ideas in the right direction will be highly appreciated.



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Firstly download the Align Object plugin: [link]

(Place the .dll file in C:\Program Files\Paint.NET)

Restart PdN...

Make a new layer... :AddNewLayer:

Go to the Ellipse Drawing Tool pdn35icons.EllipseToolIcon.png, set your brush width to 5 or 10 or whatever, set the mode to pdn35icons.ShapeOutlineIcon.png.

Hold Shift for perfect circle.

Go to align object, click Middle Center, click OK.

New layer, draw a smaller circle, Align, and so on and so forth.

Hope this helps. Enjoy!

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