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struggle to make perfect trace

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I have an image of eye logo. I want to make the space around the eye transparent, however I cannot use any plug in that would make white space transparent since it would make the white inside the eye transparent and I don't want that part to be transparent so i tried to do the tracing the hard way, using ellipse but It has not turned out perfect. SOOO frustrating! ANY help or input on how to make this image perfect would be appreciated! Attached is two image, one transparent and one with black background because it shows obviously, on how awful of a job i did!

many thanks to whoever can render assistance to me! :)




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There is no clear borderline between the white of the eye and the

transparency that you want around the eye in some parts of this image.

So you will have to make some judgement calls.

It may be that using the version with all the white extracted and building

a good looking white underlayer to replace the white of the eye would work well.

I think that I would resize this image up by a factor of ten. (2330x1450)

Make a mask to exclude the text.

Make the white underlayer with some blurring, etc.

for a smooth transition between white and alpha.

When all looks good, resize down by a factor of ten,

and apply to the original transparent w/text image.

It is much easier to edit many pixels than to try to work with few.

That's the reason for the resizing, up and down.


On the other hand if you want to trace, as you've said in the topic title,

Working on an oversize image and resizing down when finished can still be useful.

Work on transparent layers above the eye image using mostly the Line/Curve tool.

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