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Although the above user hasn't disclosed it's gender (it being neither 'he' nor 'she'), I have discussed with this user many things including a Dell Laptop Competition. The pro-looking ad mockup was the first tutorial that I was proud of my result (it's still up on my Mediafire account :D ). 7.5/10 on the Famous Scale.

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Haven't really seen you around that much. I'm guessing you're known by a few people...

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Well, I haven't seen one thread without something from you in the GTOE section of the forums... very famous.


Sometimes I think the world would be much better without so much technology. ~ Sent from my iPhone.

TEAIM - Problem solved!

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BoltBait: EXTREMELY famous! Nice guy too. Comes complete with God-like powers (that he only uses for good :mrgreen:)

(has a famous birthday as well).

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