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How famous are you?


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i'd say pretty well, we've had a few talks with each other on the forums, he's pretty active, so, yeah, fairly 'famous'


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Er, have I? Anyway, skip me, it's not worth me being rated twice (if the above post was in reference to me and not oma, which it more likely was).

I was talking about oma.

@welshblue: Really famous, big help in my work, great inspiration.

@goonfella: Just about the same, big help and big inspiration for space work.

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Pipp92, well known for really great sigs but I haven't had any personal contact that I can recall. Famous.

Weylin, does great art & asks for & listens to advice. A pleasure to see him grow & he has. Yes he is famous to me. Very famous.

Frontcannon, don't know him well but has been helpful. One of the firsts to comment in my gallery when I started. Famous.

CSM725 is a regular & has grown a lot too on the forum. Also strives hard to apply new learning & it shows in his work. Very famous.

Welshblue is my hero & friend who gave unstintingly with his time & assistance when I was new here & still does. Very famous.

Oma is legendary. She has given so much assistance to others & her artwork is brilliant. Oma hasn't been as active recently for family commitments. Oma often posted her WIPs so that we could see how an image came together. true Queen of Paint.NET. Very famous.

Rubrica, only read posts, I think but a name easily recognised. Famous.

Mike Ryan, legendary sigs & same as Rubrica. Famous.

Goonie, great guy, sweetie, famous for fabulous space images & my friend. Very famous.

Chrisco, great guy, great art, friendly, very helpful. Very famous.


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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You are all so famous, I just felt like I had to restore equilibrium...!

and BarbieQ, to be honest you seem to have gained momentum while I was away, so I can't say I really know you, but judging from the amount of posts I see you making, you can definitively consider yourself e-famous!


"Ah, i love it when huge pineapples try to take over the world, it makes me sentimental :')"


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pipp92 - Render sig maker. I don't know anything about him (her?). No personality comes through the posts I've seen... Maybe I'm in all the wrong places. Not so famous.

Weylin - I've helped him a little, seems to have a good sense of humour (abbrev. SOH for future use :P). Kind of famous.

chrisco97 - I guess you see this coming... :P great friend, we've gone back and forth, helped each other a lot (IMHO). Funny guy. Always willing to help and ask. To me one of the most important motivators. Thanks chrisco97. 10/10 famous for me.. ;)

cazzie - Not that well known... some nice sigs, good critiques. Famous.

Sfifer - Not known at all.. good SOH seemingly (don't judge a book by it's cover). Not famous at all.

BoltBait - Only 7,636 posts (as of 10:20 PM 8-5-2010 Pacific). Let's just say, not famous. Don't want to get banned for biting and/or bashing newbies. Sorry but I would linger a little more until posting in these threads. Five years - not enough. Not famous at all.

Frontcannon - Already done... Famous.

Welshy! - What can I say... You may not think of me this way, but seeing what you've done in PdN inspires me. Great friends. Bonus points for being a fellow Pride of London fan. Extremely famous.

OMA - If only I was active in '08 when you were very active, my art would have been great... Maybe we haven't PM'ed much but undoubtedly the queen of PdN. Very very very famous.

Rubrica - Quite famous, mostly off-topic.

Mike Ryan - Great, clean sigs. Some good plugins. Very famous.

Goonie - Any Arsenal is infamous in my book. Great spacescape artist. Very famous :P

bbq - What can I say? Great inspiration for me since I opened up my gallery and ever since that day... (grammar, sue me...) Great art style and great art. Always willing to help and I appreciate it. Extremely 10/10 famous.

Piney - Not too famous... Off-topic mostly.

AP - Mostly only know him for GDQ and plugins... famous.

SB - Ditto above.

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