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Solid Blend Text Effect


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We will be creating what I call the 'Solid Blend' Text Effect. It's somewhat cartoonish, but I'm not using it in that way. There are 2 optional steps. Pic #1 is made with one of the steps, and Pic #2 is made with both of them.

No plugins needed.

1: 50979326.gif

Step 1
Create bolded text(preferrably large sized). I used bolded 72 sized Candara, which is my personal favorite. Make sure to choose a color. The color should be very light... in the pictures above it will end up being the lightest color.
Step 2
On a new lower layer, make the exact same text in the exact same spot, except have it be darker. Now use Effects>Blurs>Gaussian Blur: 5 Radius on the darker text layer. Duplicate and Flatten the darker layer until it looks like a good solid outline. This is my personal way of outlining; I don't know about you. Flatten when finished.
This step is optional. I used it in both of my final outcomes. Now, use wand to select everything. Select the circle tool, with Transparency at about 100 or a little lower(your decision) as black(or white... I used black). Next, as you can see by the picture, just come up with some random designs. You can be simple by having just one big circle, or complicated and have 5 like mine. Coming from the bottom, sides, or a combination are also choices.
Step 4
Muahahah. Time for distortion. Use Effects>Distort>Dents. Personally, I used 30 Scale, 100 Refraction, 0 Roughness, just 1 Tension, and of course 5 Quality. Change these a bit if you want, but this is a nice looking outcome.
Step 5
It's Glow time! Use Effects>Photo>Glow. We don't want our text necessarily glowing; which is why I only did 2 Radius, and 0 of the others. Don't change the radius, but feel free to mess around with the others. When you're done, duplicate and flatten a few times to get a little outline effect.
Step 6
Time for the most unusual step that I invented. Duplicate again, and put the new one under the original. Use Effects>Stylize>Outline. Use about 4 thickness and definitely 100 intensity. When finished, invert, then flatten. You're done unless you want to achieve the next optional effect.
Repeat step 6 as many times as you want. Below I did it 4 times. Teehee.

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