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Color Selection

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I'm trying to add color to a gray scale image, and I want to maintain it's light shading. So like I want to use darker reds on the darker spots and lighter reds on lighter spots. Hue thing doesn't work on grayscale images, and if I make do a sepia effect then alter hue, it's a lighter color than I'd like.

So two questions I'd like answered:

1. Is there a way to select every pixel of the same color? The background on my image is all one color and there are parts inside the image that are same color which are also part of background, so I'd like to select all of it, then inverse it to get the area I'd like to color. Magic wand with 0 tolerance still seems to select other colors.

2. What's best way to add color to a grayscale image and still maintain it's light shading?

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  • Zoom your image to see the pixels
  • Select Color Picker and Right click on the pixel that you want to recolor it
  • Click on the Primer color in the Colors pad and select the new color
  • Select the Recolor tool and Set the Tolerance to Zero* then use a large brush width and press left mouse and hold then brush all over the image.

* Hint: increase the tolerance slightly if you want to cover more area as desired.

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Not sure if this is what you want to accomplish.

Fill a new layer with red above the grayscale background.

In Layer Properties (F4) set the red layer Blend mode to Multiply.

That will make the image red, but retain the tonal variations of the grayscale image.

It will darken the image somewhat.

You can add a middle layer of white and adjust its Opacity

in Layer Properties if you want to lighten it up.


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