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crashing when trying to add text to a simple jpg

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I am trying to add text comments on a simple jpg. Have done this in the past with no problem. Whenever I try however the program crashes. Log file attached.

Points to note;

My Paint.net installation offered to update itself today, so I let it do that. I did not use it before that today, so I don't know if the update caused the crash.

I have since tried uninstalling the program, then reinstalling it from a new clean download. Same result.

My Vista is all patched up to date.

Earlier today I tried the gridmaker plugin. After the crashing however I took out its dll and have not put it into the new install.

Version: Paint.NET v3.5.5 (Final Release build 3.55.3767.28608)

Running on Vista.

Any help appreciated. Cheers, Nick


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Seems like you may have a bad or corrupted font. Which font? Does its preview show up in the font list in the toolbar? ("The quick brown fox ...")

You hit the nail on the head, thanks Rick.

The font is Arial and its preview does not show. If I change to another font (which all show previews) then the crashing does not occur.

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