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Ragged edge plugin?

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Hi, everyone. I am creating documentation for a piece of software I've written. In this documentation I need to show reports listings (they are included as images in resulting .DOC file). The problem I have is I would need a plugin that creates ragged bottom edge to suggest the listing is longer but the paper was just torn apart.

I am currently doing it by hand by free selecting the bottom area of image and deleting the selection, but I am pretty sure there is a plugin somewhere that does that automatically.

I searched the forums and found an Image that looks pretty similar with what I need. I hope the tutorial creator will forgive me for using his image as sample:


I am talking about the left edge of the "upper" layer. Is there any plugin that "cuts" the edge in that way?

Thank you guys.

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Maybe this will work:

Make several mostly transparent templates, like the image on the left.

Store them in a special .pdn file that you keep open while working on the other image files.

Tab over and copy a layer from the template pdn file,

switch back and paste into a new layer above your image for the document.

Giving a result like the right half of this picture.



S.S. :)

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