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Creating a Hole Help

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I'm trying to create a game based on InkBall, but I'm not very artistic. I want to create a hole image similar to the one in this image:


but I only need it to be 32x32 instead of 128x128 and I only need the hole, not that fancy metal looking stuff around it. I've tried just creating a black circle and applying relief to it, but I just can't get a good hole look :(. I have no artistic ability what so ever.

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You can use the :EllipseSelectTool: to make a circle on a new layer then put your gradient in that.

Holding shift while you draw will keep it a perfect circle

Doing it on a new layer will allow you to lower opacity to your choice

Made 2 circles and applied a gradient in between them and got this: I'm happy with it


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Ahhh, forgive my poor eyesight. I thought it said a game called Inkball. :toof:

Na. Making a game pretty similar. Different scoring system and such, and more puzzleish. But still the same concept. I don't think I can get sued for that since it has a different scoring system and such and the overall "Win" condition is different so it's not the same game. Just the same principle, get colored balls into colored holes.

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