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Is Superimposing Images Possbile WIth Paint.NET?

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I have a question for you. I am a newbie to this program. Can a user superimpose their images or another image? I did some preliminary searching and I didn't see any references to this.

For example, cut out or trace an image by cutting or moving and then pasting it on another image? I know the well known and the more expensive photo editing softwares, like Photoshop Elements has this option and even has an image extractor feature.

I know this program is free and I guess it may have an associative cost to have this more elaborate option included. ...BUT I may be wrong and it is there and I do not see it yet. I see you offer layers.

If so, please provide me with a tutorial or instruction as to the steps.

Enough of my talking, and let me hear from you.


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It sure can be done.

Just cut out what you would like to be superimposed with either the lasso selection or magic wand tool. Then create a new layer with your new desired background, move it under your original photo and flatten.

You may need to use BoltBait's Feather plug-in (I think its BoltBait's, I'm not 100% certain) on your original image


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