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i currently have a lot of plugins, and sometime following a tutorial is difficult because i cant fin the effect in the menus, sometimes it is obvious but sometime it isnt, is there any such plugin that would allow me to type the first letters of the effect i am looking for and letting paint.net find it for me? (like a quick search in vista start menu to find programs)

that would save a lot of time and i am sure everyone would benefit from it

thank you

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That works very well for this.

I retract my previous statement. :)

Once installed, Effects Lab is found in:

Effects > Advanced > Effects Lab

well yes thats what i was talking about, if only someone could put that search in the dropdown effects menu =P

even like this is very useful , thanks a lot.

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Great tip! I'd forgotten I even had Effects Lab. :/

However, and I realize this may not be the place for this, but I thought I'd just note that it only seems to work if you're searching the first word of an effect's name. Rather than repeat it here, I posted a question about it in the pack's thread:


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ScriptLab also has a search ability, and should work for for any word in the title, filename, or classname. Sometimes it even finds the author!

Assuming that's not broken. I haven't updated ScriptLab in a while.


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