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Working between different layers?

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I'm trying to create a dual layer logo. The first layer is just text, the second layer I'm trying to place images. Once I lay the second layer, how do I go back to edit or add more text to the first layer? Also, how can I then return to the second layer and resize the images that I placed? Thank you.

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Currently, Paint.NET does not have a built-in re-editable text function. When you finalize your type, you cannot go back and add/delete characters or change size; you must type the entire thing over again. There is, however, a Re-Editable text plugin made by a third-party member which can be found in the Plugins section using search.

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You can switch between active working layers by clicking on the layers in the Layers window.

You can resize objects in a layer by making a Rectangular selection

around the objects, then using the Move Selected Pixels tool :MoveTool:

on a corner adjustment node with the Shift key held down.

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