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Welcome to my first post, which houses all my best paint.net pics. Note: these are not the type of pictures that are super effect heavy, or at least not that you can see, they are mostly freehand with a few effects. They are not giant blurry messes, either. Please comment, I would like to see what people think about my pics, b/c I never really had any feedback other than my family. Thanks!boltbait.tongue.png

Note: Not many pics from 2010 b/c my PC Broke down.boltbait.sad.png

Note: From 2010 to 2008, my pics get a lot worse, and you will be able to very clearly see it.boltbait.neutral.png


Distant Maniac

Afraid of the Future

Master of Cards


The Future

Swirl 09


Pond (Freehand)

Note: I didn't have a drawing tablet in 08, so all of these drawings were made with a regular mouse.bubblerevolution.bracket.png


Dolphin (Drawn with Mouse)

Rocket01 (Drawn with Mouse)

Rocket02 (Drawn with Mouse)

B&W Comet (Drawn with Mouse)

Note: These images are all recolored, all by using second layer setting 'Overlay.'

Image Re-colorings

Master Chief 01 Note: original sketch not done by me.

Master Chief 02 Note: original pic from Halo 3.

Anime Girl Note: original drawing not by me.



Thank you for viewing my paint.net gallery. I do have more pics, but they are all either tests, really old, or sketches, nothing that really turned out to be great. be sure to give me feedback and/or drawing ideas!

SIG2011.png <Click for Gallery

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