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Shoooooter (2007)

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Newbie trials folks so bear with me>

My project was based on the movie Shooter, and I kinda had this idea:

A snowy background, with a perfectly hidden enemy:


But where is the enemy? Well, we'll put one in, but first, the sniper scope.


This was a wip, and with a bit of tweaks and cropping, gaussian + and inverse elliptical selection:

Oh, and there is our enemy:


Obviously he got his brains iced by the time we got this pic SHOT ;)

Now for the Rifle and the tweaks:


But he had oakley gloves on him at the movie, as well as MOA handles for scope:


But this is the cartoonish version of Shooter. How about some realism?


Film effect> works wonders....

Tell me what you think and sorry if its in the wrong section



I love Paint.NET and proud to be part of the community

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