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scanning and fixing old photos

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I am going throu old photos, trying to scan and put on the wal mart site so my family can all make copies. can anyone suggest plugins that might be usefull?? they are mostly black and whites taken on a browny ? also few from polaroid some are faded others just plain wear and tear negs have set aroud so long most ruined just image what you would find at grandmas house. some seem to be sepia could have been made on plates yes i scanned them at only 300 dpi




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We'll need a bit more background to help you out. If you can, post a sample picture as an example of what you're working with.

It depends really on what you're trying to achieve, but off the top of my head, these would be effects to try:

  • Noise removal
  • Soften Portrait
  • Basic Adjustments
  • Sharpen+
  • Shadow/Highlight Recovery (similar to Basic Adjustements)
  • Red Eye Removal / Quick Fix
  • Everything in 'Adjustements' drop down.

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